Robotmk v2 quick start

Integrate the first RobotFramework test with Robotmk v2 in Checkmk step by step.

Simon Meggle

This step-by-step guide will help you get started with synthetic monitoring with the new version of Robotmk, which is integrated in Checkmk 2.3.

Effortless Python Environments in Robotmk with RCC

All you need to know about RCC, the 'virtualenv on steroids'

Simon Meggle

In this blog article, we shed light on the background to the development of RCC, the problems it solves and the immense advantage it brings to the Robotmk project.

Edge detection for the ImageHorizonLibrary

Which problems can arise of image recognition within ImageHorizonLibrary - and how we solved it.

Simon Meggle

Edge Detection in the ImageHorizonLibrary - an experiment with great potential.