🔔 Robotmk v2 is out!

Today the time has come: Checkmk 2.3 was released and my “baby” Robotmk is now an integral part of this great monitoring system under the name “Synthetic Monitoring”.
You can find all the details here.

Synthetic Monitoring - this is the name of a completely new module within the Checkmk software that allows you to monitor the quality, performance and functionality of your applications.

And under the surface is Robotmk. This makes me incredibly proud, you can take my word for it!

I would never have thought that what started as a Python finger exercise at the end of 2019 would one day develop into a product that helps companies all over the world to monitor their most important applications.

It’s been a year full of challenges.
The further development of Robotmk has been an exciting journey that has not only helped me in my new role as Product Manager, but also personally.
Working part-time between product development at Checkmk and customer support at my own company, ELABIT, has been challenging but incredibly rewarding.
The two jobs couldn’t complement each other any better!

The good news for all those who are already using Robotmk v1: nothing will change for you for the time being.
Robotmk v1 is also compatible with Checkmk 2.3, so you can continue to run your existing setups without having to make any changes.

Checkmk 2.3 is the “transitional version” in which you can try out the V2 features at your leisure and then switch the tests from v1 to v2 step by step or suite by suite. I will write something about this separately.

But for now, please refer to the new Documentation of Synthetic Monitoring with Robotmk .

I am looking forward to your feedback and experiences with the new version.
Please feel free to do so here in the comment field

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