Need the help of an Expert?

Save your time.

No matter at which stage you are with Robot Framework and Robotmk:
there are experienced professionals who can assist you.
Robotmk Professional Support can help you with your e2e monitoring projects.

Robot Framework support

Robotmk partners can assist you with:

  • Best practice for writing stable and reliable tests
  • Lot of experience with a wide range of Robot libraries, their installation and usage
  • Testing strategy consulting
  • Outsourcing test implementation (extended workbench)

Robotmk support

Robotmk partners can assist you with:

  • Robotmk best practice for the optimal usage of Robot Framework together with Checkmk monitoring
  • Implementation
  • Know-how: all partners are up to date with recent developments and features
  • Deep knowledge of configuration tools like Saltstack, Ansible etc. to implement a fully automated deployment of Robotmk, Robot Framework, Libraries and test code.
  • Checkmk best practice